Selling Advantage

The complexities of selling land can be quite overwhelming and land in the Northern Virginia area is becoming more and more difficult to develop due to increasing zoning and governmental regulations, environmental concerns and higher engineering and construction costs. In order to achieve the highest and best price, in the shortest timeframe, a property owner should seek the expertise of a Company with hands-on experience in land transactions and development. Virginia Land is that Company to best handle all your land transactions.


We maintain superior knowledge of real estate trends to fully protect our clients' best interests.

Virginia Land is a full service boutique real estate brokerage company focused on local, personalized, exceptional service.

We are passionate about what we do.

We specialize in land sales and can identify all of the property's attributes that will affect its value.

Each property is evaluated to determine the highest and best use and full potential to maximize value.

We maintain a proprietary database of properties and sales tracking the market value so we can use the data in determining how to value your property accurately.

In marketing a property, providing all the pertinent information about the property to the prospective buyer is critical. To accomplish this, an information packet is produced to include:  general description of the property and the surrounding area, location map, aerial photographs, zoning map, tax map, topographic map, plats, information on property taxes, zoning and available utilities, information on deed restrictions, and photographs of the property's most aesthetic views.

The property will be direct marketed to other land brokers, investors and persons in our database who are interested in purchasing this type of property.

All of the information about your property will be placed on the Virginia Land web site and other high profile web sites.

When the contract is produced, our market expertise, experience and superior negotiation skills help our clients obtain the best possible deal.

After contract ratification, we will work with all of the parties involved in the transaction to ensure a smooth settlement.