Find The Perfect Lot

People who purchase land are unique. They are visionaries, dreamers and doers. They all hope to find the perfect parcel of land to build a foundation and create new lifelong memories. Each person has a certain mental image of their perfect lot and this dream can only become reality when the perfect opportunity presents itself.

The complexities of purchasing land can be quite overwhelming and land in the Northern Virginia area is becoming more and more difficult to develop due to increasing zoning and governmental regulations, environmental concerns, availability of utilities and higher engineering and construction costs.

Unless a buyer has an extremely knowledgeable agent with hands-on experience in land transactions and development, time and money will certainly be wasted. Virginia Land has extensive knowledge and expertise of county zoning ordinances, entitlement procedures, site positioning and house location, grading plan preparation, soil studies, utility location, environmental studies and architectural reviews.

It is the job of Virginia Land to simplify and expedite this land buying process. We educate our clients on the best buying opportunities and expertly guide you through the complexities of the process. After we determine your exact wants and target area, we will find you the perfect lot. More often than not, land is available for sale, but not necessarily being marketed.

Virginia Land, we combine our knowledge of inventory throughout the Northern Virginia with our vast network of associates and contacts to find properties, homes and estates that are not listed. We invite you to tell us all about your perfect lot and let us turn your dream into reality.